Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello, Goodbye

I said goodbye to an old friend last night.
The Bistro Shirt was the first sweater project I ever tackled, the first real yarn I bought from an LYS with a specific project in mind, and a first for many techniques (seaming, following a pattern, a lesson in GAUGE, the 3-needle bind off).

It drives BFFH crazy, but I've never been one to resist a good and warranted frogging. This isn't the first time I've knit (and seamed!) an entire project, only to wind the entire thing back into balls. BFFH can't understand why one would spend all of that time... only to tear it all out at the end. I consider myself an organic knitter - while it's mostly about the process for me, I can't stand making something that isn't useful.

And this shirt wasn't. I didn't wear it once. Although I tried it on many times, it never looked right on me and it simply sat, unworn, for 2 years. As I frogged and wound last night, I recounted how much I enjoyed knitting this shirt and how carefully I had seamed. I remembered shopping for the pattern and the yarn, knowing NOTHING about gauge or yarn weight.
And then, I started thinking about all of the possibilities with the reclaimed yarn...

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Libby said...

Such pretty yarn - can't wait to see what the next phase is for it.