Monday, January 28, 2008

Too Many WIPs...

And I'm not talking about just knitting, either!

Here's the project we've been working on, headboards with shelves! The boys designed the plans, measured the wood, sanded, and stained and finished them almost entirely by themselves (I ran the circular saw). They are SO proud of their work, and I am SO proud of how hard they worked on them.
However, in knitting news:

I'm nearly finished with GraceAnna's socks and I'm excited to do the afterthought heel, which I'm planning to tackle tonight using this method. Pictures will follow in the next post.

I visited the Gove City Yarn Shop with my sister-in-law and was overwhelmed by the amount of yarn stuffed in and around antiques. This town is seriously tiny, and we were the only ones there... yet there was yarn everywhere! I did see these Needle Binders there, which I am currently coveting. I bought 2 skeins of Wildfoote in Blue Blood Red, and am planning to use them in the Socks for Veronik pattern.

I'm currently slogging on the 4 inches before the "tangle" in the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. ( I love Eunny, but this is like knitting a sweater-sized sock. Number 4 needles and sport weight yarn!) I hope I can wear it at least once before it starts to get warm. Pictures to come...

Update: My tall sister, she picked the Gathered Pullover! This is fantastic because that's the one I wanted to knit for her. I should have it done (read: cast on) by the time it gets really, really hot here.

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