Thursday, January 17, 2008

Twisted Sister

Last week, I took advantage of a great sale on Patons Classic Merino, and ordered five skeins each of tree bark and dark natural. It arrived a few days ago and the skeins have already found their way into my stash… but not for long – they (at least half of them) were ordered with a specific project in mind!

My sister recently asked me if I could knit her a sweater. Being rather tall, I suspect it’s only because she’s intrigued by the prospect of a custom fit that will keep her wrists warm as well as the rest of her, but she may have other motives. (Just kidding, T!)

You know how you get an idea in your head of exactly the thing you’d like to knit for someone? I called her yesterday for her measurements, and I’m hoping that she likes one of these:

Gathered Pullover:

I love how the cables in front are used to shape the sweater, and the rolled edges and v-neck would look really nice on her. Plus, it will be super easy to lengthen for a tall girl.

Cobblestone Pullover:

Yes, the original pattern is designed for men, but I’ve seen a couple of these on Ravelry that have been adjusted to fit women, and it looks fantastic on tall girls! Libby knit one for her hubby, and I loved the way it fit me when I tried it on. (Note to self, if my sister doesn’t want one, then I do!) Lilybeth has knit one for herself and replaced all of the garter stitch with moss stitch, a look I am in love with.

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Libby said...

oooo...I hope you do the gathered pullover - I am so intrigued by that one!