Friday, February 15, 2008

Saving Up

The Tangled Yoke is finally done! I really loved knitting this, although the 4 inches after attaching the arms before starting the cable were the most tedious 4 inches of knitting ever. Now that it's done, though, I love it love it love it. I also love the square shell buttons I found! Someday (10 fewer lbs from now) I may even model it... although it fits me perfectly and I've already worn it in public. The only modifications I made were: Using #4 needles instead of #5, and knitting a size small around but length-wise, I knit the largest size. This was a nice way to accomidate my loose knitting and my big rack/long waist. I bought 10 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed and only needed 7, so the pattern seemed a little heavy on the yarn requirements. I have more photos of the finished cardi on Ravelry, but here's one for you:

As promised, pictures of GraceAnna's socks and the afterthought heel. I used the Yarn Harlot's tutorial and it was fairly simple (see more comments below.)

Here are the stitches picked up:

and the middle stitch snipped

and ready to knit the heel

and done.

Not a fan of the afterthought heel, but I should have known that given that kitchener stitch is involved. I don't mind how it turned out, but it would have taken far less time just to knit a heel when I was supposed to.

In more knitting news, I started the Gathered Pullover I mentioned in this post, and started the Socks for Veronik this week as well... following a brief obsession with the Ball Band Dishrag Pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting:

This weekend: Quilting and Spinning. The spinning wheels mentioned in this post are finished, and mine is calling my name along with some merino/bamboo roving I scored on ebay this week. :) ... and I owe my friend a Denver Broncos quilt for his FREAKING AWESOME job at building our wheels!

Friday, February 1, 2008


That's how many pictures were on my camera today when I downloaded them. Here's the one I was looking for:

The 96 others were the apparent result of wee A's attempt at being "artistic," as they varied in subject matter from portraits of the dogs laying on the living room carpet (badly in need of a good vaccuuming), yarn/roving/my spindle (hee!), his pet fish and stuffed puppy, but the funniest ones were the extreme closeups of his nostrils and teeth!
Anyway, I plan on spending a bit of time making a few more of these delightful little Garter Mug Cozies, from the Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 Magazine. I only made one to begin with, and had to make a couple of alterations (size 5 dpns, not quite so many increases, and washable yarn instead of wool.) But I've had a request or two from the self-portrait photographer himself, who loves drinking hot cocoa almost as much as my camera.