Friday, February 15, 2008

Saving Up

The Tangled Yoke is finally done! I really loved knitting this, although the 4 inches after attaching the arms before starting the cable were the most tedious 4 inches of knitting ever. Now that it's done, though, I love it love it love it. I also love the square shell buttons I found! Someday (10 fewer lbs from now) I may even model it... although it fits me perfectly and I've already worn it in public. The only modifications I made were: Using #4 needles instead of #5, and knitting a size small around but length-wise, I knit the largest size. This was a nice way to accomidate my loose knitting and my big rack/long waist. I bought 10 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed and only needed 7, so the pattern seemed a little heavy on the yarn requirements. I have more photos of the finished cardi on Ravelry, but here's one for you:

As promised, pictures of GraceAnna's socks and the afterthought heel. I used the Yarn Harlot's tutorial and it was fairly simple (see more comments below.)

Here are the stitches picked up:

and the middle stitch snipped

and ready to knit the heel

and done.

Not a fan of the afterthought heel, but I should have known that given that kitchener stitch is involved. I don't mind how it turned out, but it would have taken far less time just to knit a heel when I was supposed to.

In more knitting news, I started the Gathered Pullover I mentioned in this post, and started the Socks for Veronik this week as well... following a brief obsession with the Ball Band Dishrag Pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting:

This weekend: Quilting and Spinning. The spinning wheels mentioned in this post are finished, and mine is calling my name along with some merino/bamboo roving I scored on ebay this week. :) ... and I owe my friend a Denver Broncos quilt for his FREAKING AWESOME job at building our wheels!

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