Monday, August 11, 2008


On a visit to my dad's a couple of weekends ago, he presented me with nearly a trunk-full of homegrown veggies. Only a little bit of what he sent with us is shown... I took this photo after the 20 + pounds of heirloom tomatoes had been reduced to 5 pints of home-canned spaghetti sauce, and including 20 yellow squash in one photo seemed redundant.
I've always (been jealous of) bragged on both of my parents ability to make things grow with seemingly little effort. Until this year, I was lucky to eek out a handful of sorry looking tomatoes and one zucchini before the squash bugs came...
This year, we've harvested 10 lbs of tomatoes, 50+ lbs of zucchini, and enough cucumbers to make 6 quarts + 6 pints of kosher dill pickles. I've also picked about 7 ears of corn, a large handful of green beans, a few small onions, and two tiny strawberries. The asaparagus won't be ready until next year. :)

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