Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handmade Christmas, Part 1

First, a quilt I had worked on for quite awhile. This quilt came about when I purchased about 25 fat quarters in varying shades of green with the intention of making a somewhat crazy quilt. I began by cutting the fat quarters into 4 inch strips, then cutting those strips at random lengths at a 45 degree angle. I then sewed the angled edges together to make new 4 inch wide strips, then sewed the strips together to make a quilt top. I used a thin old blanket that we didn't use any more for the batting and found some backing fabric that matched. The binding is attached by machine, and the quilting lines are random curves that run the length of the quilt.

Next, the finished color wheel quilt! I am so pleased with this one I can hardly stand it. Giving it to the recipent will be bitter sweet, but I know she'll love it and I still have plenty of fabric left to make another one for myself.

My first official and completed Elizabeth Zimmerman project. I can't believe how much I truly LOVE garter stitch. I didn't really make any modifications, except I added the i-cord edging and I wrapped stitches in the short row parts. Love it. I hope it fits my grandmother, and I'm making one for myself next... I've already cast on, but I'm knitting it on size 9's this time and adding 20% to the stitches per row and the number of rows. Check it out on Ravelry here.
Up next: More Christmas Projects!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Conversations with Grandmother

My Grandmother is 89 years old. Last year at Thanksgiving, she greeted me with "How are you? You look like you're getting enough to eat!" I can always count on her to be brutally honest. This year, I asked her what she wanted for Christmas...

Me: Grandma, is there anything you'd like for me to knit you for Christmas?
Grandma: Oh, I don't know sweetie.
Me: Did you like those socks I made you last year?
Grandma: Oh, no. I never wore them. I didn't know what to wear them with, I can't wear them with shoes, they're too thick.
Me: Well, you can just wear them to keep your feet warm at night, they're meant to be warm socks. Is there something else you'd rather have this year?
Grandma: Did you knit that sweater you're wearing?
Me: Yes.
Grandma: How about a sweater?
Me: Ok, I have a pattern I think you'd like. Something simple? What color?
Grandma: I like the color of your sweater. Maybe that, or off-white?

So, the search began. I'm going to make EZ's Rib Warmer (using Jared's modifications) for her, because I think she'll actually wear it - but if she doesn't, I know she'll tell me. Sometimes I wonder what I'll be like when I'm 90 - probably a lot like her!

Another project I'll be working on before the end of the month: A hat for a friend who'll be working on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea for the next few months. (Think: Deadliest Catch) I'm thinking that only a hat with traditional gansey stitch patterns, including the wearer's initials, will do in this case.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nearly There

I'm almost done with my Christmas Knitting, so I took a little break today and ordered these from Jenny at All Sorts. I can't wait to embroider them!

Christmas Knitting was light this year. Little Miss B will be recieving a pair of booties in hot pink, and her mama will get a hat, scarf and mitten set. Littlest sister will be the lucky recipient of the color wheel quilt (next I have to make one for me). I made socks for MIL, SIL and Grandmother, and that's about it. There might be a few more projects on the needles in the next few weeks, because there always are! Pictures will follow when I remember to take them.