Friday, September 18, 2009

Nashville Birthday Shawl

My sweet friend gave me 5 balls of Elsebeth Lavold's "Hempathy" in a delicious green as a birthday gift last month.

I searched for the perfect pattern, even being willing to purchase a few more balls of the lovely yarn if needed...
...but a Ravelry search reminded me that I have sincerely disliked lace knitting in the past, but have always longed to master it.

I found this shawl, for which I already owned the pattern, and so I began to knit!

The shawl went with me to Nashville, TN for a meeting. I was traveling with co-workers who don't mind driving, and so I was able to knit for 11 hours on the way and 12 hours on the return trip home! While in Nashville, I noticed a trend amongst the European women attending the conference; all were wearing beautiful stoles, whether with jeans and a t-shirt or with a dress.
They wore them tossed loosely around their necks as they walked from symposium to symposium - and when the air conditioning became a little chilly they simply unwound the stole and wrapped it around their shoulders. Beautiful. Practical. I was sold! (I bought a lovely hand-woven cashmere/silk shawl from the Nashville Center for the Visual Arts while I was there, but I will wear the handknit just as often!)
It's beautiful. I love the soft drape and the non-itchyness of the yarn. I briefly contemplated gifting the shawl, but it looks so danged good that I'm sure I'll keep it!


Libby said...

that is incredible

Jessica said...

awww... thanks! And SO are you!