Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "spawning run" 5K

I've spent the last few days here in Nashville, TN (home of 1/2 of the "Mason Dixon" gals, of course). But I didn't come for the yarn! I came for the annual American Fisheries Society meeting, as I am the president of our local chapter this year. In addition to networking (read: drinking beer) with other fish heads, attending numerous symposia on a variety of fisheries management topics, and hitting a few local shops in the city, I also participated in my first ever 5K run. I didn't take any photos of myself running, but here's a pic of my number. I didn't place, but I never expected to. I did finish, and I ran far more of it than I walked, so I met my goal! My time was kinda ugly compared to the first place winner, but now I have a new goal and plan to track my improvement as I continue to run. Also, I got a T-shirt :)

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Lara said...

Awesome! I have a goal of gathering as many event t-shirts as I can. lol. I don't really want any pictures of myself running, though. With my Northern European ancestry, I turn red just getting out of bed. ;)