Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bless me Blogger, for I have sinned.

It has been 3 months since my last post...

More than a few projects have been started, some have been ripped out, and even more have been completed. Since I can't really think of anything clever to say about all this knitting, I'll just post some pictures for my own (and hopefully your) enjoyment.

First, Bird in Hand mittens from the lovely Kate Gilbert. These were born because I needed a complicated knitting pattern to work on following some difficult news. I was able to present these lovely mittens to my mom before she began a long and difficult chapter in her life. Warm hands tend to warm the soul, in our opinions.

Next, a pair of house-slipper-socks for myself to wear around the house. These were made on the fly, knit two at a time with a double strand of superwash sock yarn and some worsted superwash... followed by more double-strand sock yarn. A decent stash-buster, and a nice way to keep my always cold toes warm in our 62-degree house.

Fiddlehead Mittens for me, using some wonderful alpaca yarn that my dad and step-mother gave me for Christmas. The yarn came from an alpaca farm in Westmoreland, Kansas - and is undyed natural alpaca colored! They are warm and soft - and I had enough left over to make a matching hat. I made another pair of fiddleheads for my step-mother for a Christmas gift, using two colors of Cascade 220 in shades of heathered greens. She loved them, and I loved making them.

More to come...!

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