Thursday, July 15, 2010

25 Things I Know Now as a Parent

I just read this post on PBS Parents, and felt compelled to make my own list of 25:
  1. My parents weren't perfect, and that's OK. We turned out just fine.
  2. Having sons means frequently having to yell "Don't Fart!"
  3. Never make a threat that means more work for yourself if you have to carry it through.
  4. Always carry through on your threats. Idle threats cost your respect.
  5. If you bail your kids out when they're young, be prepared to still be bailing them out when they're 37, 49, and so forth.
  6. Ice Cream and brownies can help fix a broken heart.
  7. "Friending" your kids on facebook is a good idea, and it's actually kind of fun.
  8. A dog can really be a boy's best friend.
  9. Even 14 year old boys need a hug once in awhile.
  10. That which does not push us entirely over the edge really does make us stronger.
  11. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice a sock.
  12. Having one good friend is better than having a ton of mediocre ones.
  13. Boys above the age of 4 don't really appreciate handknits, but sometimes they'll lie and pretend they do.
  14. Brothers fight, wrestle, hit each other and call each other names... but they still love each other.
  15. Nieces and Nephews are fantastic!
  16. It's OK to like the same music as your teenager.
  17. Wrestling smells worse when your son isn't on the mat.
  18. One day you'll call home from work to check on your little boy, and a man will answer the phone.
  19. All kids make mistakes, and that's OK. Love them anyway.
  20. Singing in the car at the top of your lungs as a family is seriously underrated.
  21. Sometimes all you have to say is "I'm proud of you!"
  22. Football is never as interesting to you as it is when your son is on the field.
  23. Teach your kids to cook. You'll NEVER regret this one. Trust me.
  24. Bedtime stories are worth it.
  25. Revel in the traits your kids picked up from you... and love the differences.

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