Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skirt of Roses

I've been thinking about making a cute bias cut skirt ever since I saw this post over at Angry Chicken a few months ago. I shopped for the perfect fabric, and finally had a couple of hours to whip this lovely up last weekend. I made this with just 2 yards of quality cotton fabric, and a white ribbon from my stash. (Total cost: less than $20!)

Modifications to Amy's design:

1. 2 yards on the bias wasn't enough to both fit around my voluptuous hips/waist AND be the length I wanted it; so I cut it as long as I could to accommodate my waist measurement, and then cut a 6" bias strip out of the leftovers, piecing it together to sew along the bottom. To keep the hem from stretching while sewing, I did a quick stay-stitch along the bottom edges of each piece first thing. Then, I added the 6" strip to the front and back, and stitched up the sides, then top-stitched the seam between the strip and the bottom hem. I think this would look FABULOUS with a contrasting color along the bottom, but I can appreciate the subtle line created by the break in the pattern. Last, I just did a quick 1/4 inch hem along the bottom, being careful not to stretch as I sewed A little Bohemian, but still professional:

2. Rather than the fold-over elastic for the waist, I cut a 1 7/8" strip of fabric on the bias to make my own bias tape. (Yay, Clover bias tape makers!) I applied this along the waist, leaving an opening in the middle of the front so that I could use it as a casing for my ribbon:

The result? I love it. Flatterning, flirty and fun. No zipper, but the bias-cut allows enough stretch that a quick shimmy-shake lets me pull it on without stretching it out, and the drawstring ribbon pulls the waist in just enough to allow it the skirt to sit atop my hips without falling down or creating an unflattering muffin top. The hem hits just below the knee, a perfect length appropriate for my age and body type.

I was so inspired by this skirt project, that I've found the perfect color of green yarn in Cascade 220 to knit the Acorns cardigan in this month's Twist Collective. I can't wait to pair the two this fall for a completely handmade outfit!

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